About Those Little Pills

Few things make me feel older than this pill contraption thingy. I mean...look at it! It's about the size of a small laptop! I used to have a pill box that would fit in the palm of my hand. But that was before... I've been on medication for quite a few years, mostly due to... Continue Reading →

That Christmas Feeling

Do you get it? That Christmas Feeling? Way before the Christmas season? It happens to me every year. I'll be going about my business doing whatever - work, grocery shopping, driving somewhere, doing laundry or dishes - and you just feel it. That¬†Christmas Feeling will come over you out of nowhere and warm your heart... Continue Reading →


This morning, as I was in the midst of getting ready to leave for work, I heard the words "encapsulated placenta" emit from the radio. It was CBC's The Current* with Anna Maria Tremonti, and she was talking to a young woman about the process of encapsulating a placenta into pill form for the mother... Continue Reading →

Life Upside Down

I love to spend time in nature. I always used to think of myself as an "ocean girl". And indeed, I've spent my share of time there; I lived beside it my whole childhood. But within the last year or so, I have had the conscious thought that I truly love being surrounded by a... Continue Reading →

Facing My Future

It was fitting that this beautiful scene of the pink and orange clouds perfectly reflected in the dead calm harbour was what greeted me as I walked along a path in the park one evening a few weeks ago. It was exactly how I felt - dead calm, content with the peacefulness of the moment,... Continue Reading →

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