A Universal Issue

Today is International Women’s Day. A celebration of us, the women before us and the young women born after us and who hopefully are one day equals in the eyes of the world. We have come so far, yet many women among us continue to struggle and fight for freedom and equality. Simple things. All it would take is a global change in attitude and love. Lots of love.

I want to share with you this amazing project I was fortunate to be a part of. Entitled The Universal Woman, the lyrics and music were written by local singer/songwriter Judi Cleveland and was recorded at HarbourTone Productions. She asked me to sing background vocals. Before recording, I listened to the song to get the feel for it. I believe I was the first person to hear the studio version, and as I listened Judi watched me anxiously to see my reaction. I remember being brought to tears by the end of the first verse.
She said, “Do you like it?”
Smiling through a few tears I said, “How do you expect me to sing when I’m crying?” We laughed and hugged. Of course, I wanted to sing with Judi on this song! What she had written was important, timely and so very much needed to be heard.

So go ahead. Watch and listen to the video below. But you have to promise me that after you listen to it you share it. This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is Press For Progress. So please share this video. Share it with your sisters, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts and cousins. And then share it with your brothers, fathers, grandfathers, sons, uncles, friends, etc. This video is not just for women’s ears; everyone needs to hear what this video is saying because inequality is indeed a universal issue, not a women’s issue.


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