That Christmas Feeling

20171103_181019Do you get it? That Christmas Feeling? Way before the Christmas season?

You could be working, driving or doing the dishes and it just appears – that Christmas Feeling.

It happens to me every year. I’ll be going about my business doing whatever – work, grocery shopping, driving somewhere, doing laundry or dishes – and you just feel it. That Christmas Feeling will come over you out of nowhere and warm your heart gently like the soft glow of a candle. It’s a tingle, a warm fuzzy feeling and you can almost smell the fir tree. You smile to yourself and take note and are glad that it has happened again, just like the year before.

It usually happens for me in October. However, this year it happened on the first day of November; probably because of the warm weather that has extended well into autumn. You don’t realize you’ve been looking forward to it until it does happen, and then you embrace it, savour it and smile to yourself. You don’t move too fast for fear of disturbing its visit like seeing a beautiful bird outside your window. You want to enjoy the moment before it flutters away quickly and quietly.

Maybe that is what that Christmas Feeling does. It visits people, taps them on the shoulder and whispers, “Remember? Remember the magic of the season and how your heart swells with love for your family and friends?” It’s a cotton-candy-soft nudge to remind us that even though we are past the stage of waiting anxiously for Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve, we still have lots to get excited about. Only it comes in the form of thankfulness. If we are fortunate to have friends and family around during the Christmas season, we should soak up, drink in and share as much love and thankfulness as we can. At the very least, it’s a symbol to advise us to not take anything for granted, to live in each moment and try with all our might to cherish and embrace the good times, the special times and, in some cases, the last times.

Oh sure. It will happen again before or during Christmas. But this is just the warm up. After all, there’s all that shopping, wrapping, decorating and baking to do.

So tell me. Do you get that Christmas Feeling before Christmas?

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