Life Upside Down

I love to spend time in nature. I always used to think of myself as an “ocean girl”. And indeed, I’ve spent my share of time there; I lived beside it my whole childhood. But within the last year or so, I have had the conscious thought that I truly love being surrounded by a stand of trees. I still love the ocean, but being alone in nature with trees, the rustle of leaves, the scratch of branch against branch and the feel of connecting with nature by just standing tall and still is therapeutic. You close your eyes as you open your mind and just relax and let nature soothe your soul.

I headed to nature for many reasons this past week, including the loss of a friend. It’s my refuge, my friend, my confidante, my inspiration, my comfort and my muse. I decided to get a little creative and experiment with some photos. Photography is one of my favourite ways to try and capture how I am feeling or how something makes me feel. And…I have a crystal ball!

I’ve had this crystal ball for years. I actually discovered it by accident. When I was visiting my cousin in Mt. Vernon, WA about 6 years ago we went to an outdoor market. There was a guy there selling wind spinners. They were thick wire formed into a loose spiral that hung about a foot or more in length. A glass ball was nested in the middle of the spiral. As it spun in the wind, it gave the illusion that the ball was climbing up or down the spiral, depending on which way it spun. The one I bought had a pink glass ball. I brought it home and hung it up in my garden. After a season or two, I noticed that the pink colour was starting to fade and crack. The colour was actually painted on the glass ball and was starting to peel. I took the ball out of the spiral and cleaned the remaining paint off. I was surprised to see that this ball was actually crystal clear. I stuffed it away in a drawer knowing that at some point I would use it to experiment with some photos. Last week I dug out that crystal ball and headed to the park.


The thing I love about these photos is that they make more sense upside down. When the photo is right-side up, your brain tries to make sense of what is in the crystal ball. As soon as you turn it upside down, the crystal ball becomes clear and the background becomes less important.

To me, these photos are kinda like a lot of things in life. When your world is turned upside down a lot of things make more sense, or at least you may see things a bit clearer or in a different way.


I have been overwhelmed by positive comments, hugs and encouragement about my reason for starting this blog. I can’t thank you all enough, and I feel very blessed to have each and everyone one of you in my life. Like these photographs, my world got turned a little upside down. But with a little refocusing, and your kind thoughts and words, I can see things in a better way.

I still have way more ideas though for photos with that crystal ball. 😊

2 thoughts on “Life Upside Down

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  1. Man those are spectacular photos. You’ve got quite an eye…and voice. I’m impressed with your openness and thoughtful words. Thanks for sharing.

    Sending you big hugs, L


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