Back Down to Earth

Before I begin this blog post, I want to say thank you to all those who stopped to wave and smile, to give a hug and to ask sincerely, "How are you?" over the past several months. Other than waving and smiling back, embracing the hugs and replying with, "I feel great", I have been... Continue Reading →

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Dad’s Boots

Today I honoured my dad. I'm sure he's shaking his head and mumbling something about "a bunch of damn foolishness". Or he's just happy I was thinking of him.

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Good News, Answers and a Documentary

It always takes me a while to digest what I've learned from my latest visit to the Renal Clinic. And I had some great news at my last visit! But first I have to tell you all how completely humbled I am by the generous offers of kidneys. And if you couldn't offer a kidney,... Continue Reading →

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The BIG Ask

This post was difficult to write. However, I hope you read it through. If not for me, for someone else.

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A Universal Issue

Today is International Women's Day. A celebration of us, the women before us and the young women born after us and who hopefully are one day equals in the eyes of the world. We have come so far, yet many women among us continue to struggle and fight for freedom and equality. Simple things. All... Continue Reading →

Addendum to Last Post

Hubby and I just hopped in the truck to go see our son, Alex (, play at a bar in Lockeport. I was in the driver's seat and, I kid you not, the truck would not start. It was just like the car acted last Thursday! Both of us sat there and laughed incredulously. How... Continue Reading →

Some Good News

Some days you're just s'posed to sit back and let life take you for a ride. This was the case last Thursday. I had my 3-month appointment at the Kidney Clinic at Yarmouth Hospital. A day trip like that usually involves a few errands. I also had my girl, Pippa, with me so we were... Continue Reading →

Enjoy Today

I took the Christmas tree down today, so it seemed fitting to write my first blog post of 2018. It has been hard for me to sit down and write in the last month or so; not because I have been so busy, but because I just haven't been able to put into words all... Continue Reading →

Mammogram Day

Today, for me, was Mammogram Day. Oh yeah! Actually, it wasn't that bad. I wouldn't even have mentioned it except for a few funny things and, of course to remind all you women to get your mammogram done!! My reason for having a mammogram today was not because it was my annual checkup. With me... Continue Reading →

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